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Glen D. Ross Agencies Ltd. is an award winning, established broker who has been representing and acting as manufacturers’ agent since 1988. Our territorial coverage includes Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario.


Since our inception, we have been providing the grocery and other trades with exceptional standards in customer service.


We excel at providing our customers with consistent outstanding service which includes frequent personal contact. We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and strong work ethic.


Glen D. Ross Agencies Ltd. has an extensive network of producers, wholesalers and retailers to meet your every need.




While growing up in the North End of Winnipeg, Glen David Ross learned at a very early age that in order to achieve things in life and become successful, you had to have drive, determination, a strong work ethic, set achievable goals for yourself, and work hard each and every day.  


Glen began his working career as a delivery boy on his bicycle for a local pharmacy. He then advanced to a paper route and, as a young man, began a career working at Canada Safeway for many years. After marrying his wife Frances and having a family of three children, Jason, Brian and Christine, Glen wanted to advance to new heights in his career. 


He sought new opportunities and challenges and, to this end, Glen pursued a career in sales with Peek Freans. He moved on to Seven Cities and eventually discovered new opportunities with Ross Foods (no relation). He soon realized that he loved all aspects of his career in sales, whether he was discovering new markets for products, making presentations to clients or getting products listed for companies, each had their own set of challenges, excitement and sense of achievement. 


Realizing that he excelled in sales and that his ultimate goal was to eventually open his own brokerage, Glen set out to do just that. With only office space, a desk and telephone, he became “the boss, the receptionist, the sales team and the accountant.”  Glen D. Ross Agencies was born.  


Due to Glen’s perseverance, confidence, hard work and the eventual hiring of a dynamic sales team and administrative assistant, his dream of being his own boss at Glen D. Ross Agencies became a reality. Glen loved the daily personal interactions with all those with whom he came into contact. His honesty, integrity and dedication earned him respect from those who knew him and he established long term friendships and business associations which lasted the rest of his life. Honesty and integrity was everything to Glen – his word was his bond.


If you asked Glen how he was doing, he would tell you that he was "living the dream” and it was a dream which he held dear to his heart. After many previous recognitions as Broker of the Year, Glen D. Ross Agencies again succeeded in winning Broker of the Year for 2015.


Upon Glen’s passing on January 22, 2015, his daughter Christine Ross succeeded her father at the helm of Glen D. Ross Agencies. Together as a dynamic staff, they continue to strive for excellence and serve their clients in a manner which would have made the company’s founder extremely proud!


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