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Food brokers provide manufacturers with a variety of services to assist them with gaining access to local or distant markets where their products have not been previously represented. It is the broker’s responsibility to introduce and present your company’s product(s) in the marketplace and gain access to markets which may have been previously restricted to your product.


A broker works as your agent in the marketplace. They are the most efficient and effective means to introduce and continue selling your product(s). Sales costs are based on an established percentage of sales and therefore you are paying for results in the marketplace. By engaging a brokerage to work on your behalf, you can eliminate and/or reduce the associated costs of maintaining your own sales staff including salaries, travel expenses, office operational costs, and maintaining consumer outlets.


At Glen D. Ross Agencies, we are proud to have 140 years of combined experience in sales acceleration. We also have true representation stationed in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario with a unique range of products which cover almost every aspect of a grocery store. 


We also help with:

  • Trade show planning and execution

  • Debit note/deduction management

  • Negotiation of private label contracts


We also pride ourselves on our loyalty and integrity in keeping the vision of our founder Glen D. Ross.



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